Saturday, 22 June 2019

That I am f****ing piss poor at keeping up to date with this blog. 

I think I've now decided to just write in here whenever I feel like it to be honest. And as I'm probably the only one left even still reading this, maybe I'll make it just a diary to myself. Something to read through in some years to come so I can see what I was up to every 6 months or so. 

The stupid thing is I read blogs all the time. I love them. I read about photography, interior design, food, beauty and everything else in between. I truly love them. I find reading them chills me out. I grab a cuppa, get the list ready and start reading. Lovely.
When I started this blog of mine I was really excited to be a part of the blogging world and to share all my thoughts, and mainly my photography as, well that's my profession, and have something that people might want to read and connect with. Fast forward almost 4 years later and I've really let this thing slide. So let me tell you this.

Writing and maintaining a blog is not easy.

It's super fun when I am writing in it, or when I take photos and share them, or when I'm thinking of content I could add. But when it comes to keeping up a regular schedule, it is HARD. MAybe it's just me, I don't know, but I really haven't succeeded at all. So yeah.
I'm not really sorry anymore, to be honest, I just know what I'm like and how this will most likely be the last post for another 2 months. Whatever.

So if you are still here, thanks. And if you've just found this blog? Well my friend, please don't expect tons of content. It probably just won't happen. However, when I do finally have something to say, I hope you like it!

See you again soon. Maybe...
Saturday, 18 May 2019

The first half of this year has proved to be both a challenging one and an exciting one!
I started off the year with an incredible trip to Australia and spend the most amazing three weeks in the country just soaking up the sunshine, turquoise oceans and meeting so many lovely new people.
Then came the challenging first quarter of the year which introduced new found financial stress I didn't even know was possible. Money really does rule all, doesn't it? Whether you have it or not! (and I do not)

I finally got my website up and running for my Photography, which has been a long time coming, and I now have somewhere to truly show my work and all I can do in a professional setting. Feels really good to get that going. If you'd like to have a look, you can visit my site here, or you can visit -
However, I managed to see the light at the end of the tunnel and now things are slowly turning back to normal (although there is still a long way to go) and then we come to the most exciting bit, I'm moving house!

I'm finally leaving my little flat of four years that I've happily shared with Amie and various other friends who we've made through renting out our third bedroom. However, now it is time to move on! (and for those wondering how I have managed to move when dealing money woes, let me tell you, the UK Agency Fee ban and introduction of the 0% Deposit guarantee is a thing of beauty! We simply couldn't have done it without it)

So then comes the exciting part, buying new furniture and things for our new flat! (again, made possible by the release of my deposit from the flat I've just left) It's been so nice being able to pick stuff that we want and is just for us. Furnishing our new little home has been such a fun process, which is still far from over, as we'll pick up little bits as we go along I'm sure. The main things like sofas, tables and appliances etc have been successfully obtained!
I will definitely post more updates and pictures as we go along, as this is a process I have always enjoyed reading out on other people blogs, and now one I get to write myself!

So I will leave you with a few snaps of the first 5 months of my year, as although I haven't necessarily done loads, it has been a rather good one on the whole.

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Sometimes I wonder whether I should really bother with blogging, I mean, I only write in this thing for short chunks of time regularly and then bam. I'm gone again for another 3-6 months.
But when I am writing here, and just sort of putting my thoughts into words, I do really enjoy it! I just get caught up in the day to day stuff that is life! Also, I can be completely lazy at the best of times with this blog. I don't think it'll ever be consistent, nor do I expect it to really do my readers any favors, but it's a little somewhere for me to come when I'm feeling up to it.

A lot has happened since I last wrote in here. I went to Australia for the better part of a month and had the best time of my life over there. I'm moving out of my flat in South West London and moving in with my boyfriend and are in the beginnings of creating a home together. I finally upgraded my camera kit and am now the proud owner of some seriously beautiful lenses and a powerhouse of a camera body. There are also some other changes in the works that shall remain hushed until the right time. Sage to say, things are happening and I'm excited!

As I write this now I have just three weeks left in my current flat before everything I own, once again, is stuffed into boxes and transported to a new location. I've been here now for 4 years and it's been lovely having been in the same place for some time. I spent a large portion of my late teens and early twenties moving around and it felt good to just, stay! With that said, I am incredibly excited about this move and I can't wait to get started with our new place. (It's unfurnished too os HELLO homeware shopping!)

I'll aim to do some more updates about the whole thing once it all gets going. I'd like to start dedicating more time to posting about home-y things and such. I never felt I could do it in my current flat for some reason. I will be posting about my amazing trip to Australia as well. I didn't take as many photos as I thought I would, but I think I was just too busy having the time of my life so it just got left behind. It also felt good to put the camera away for a while!

Hopefully, this isn't the last post for another 4 months, but we shall see! 
Hope everyone's year is getting off to the best start it can be!

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

One thing I can safely say that I do not do, is live a minimalist lifestyle. 

That's not to say that I indulge in anything and everything I want, nor do I feel that my life is brimming with heaps of unnecessary bits and bobs (although I am a bit of a hoarder with some things) I just feel I could benefit from having a slightly more minimalist approach to my life and the things in it (fear not friends, you are not part of this re-structure!) 

I've been reading more and more about how a minimalist approach to life can help with keeping a clearer mind and how it can help you live a more meaningful life with less. This can be applied to a great many things in life such as relationships, finance, clothes, possessions and so forth, and how you respond to this change can also have many different outcomes. In my case, I feel it's something I want to do with the "things" in my life such as clothes, makeup and having stuff etc. I don't really have a splashy lifestyle (as I can in no way afford one!) but I do have a tendency to occasionally let my feelings be altered by what I have and don't have. I blame some of this on what I allow myself to see and indulge in online and on my own brain being affected by the things I've been shown. Typical consumer? Yeah, I think that's me sometimes.

1. Financial Reasons:
So I know I don't spend a whole lot of money on stuff, as like I said, I don't make a lot of money, but what I do want to really think about, is the things I am buying. Less stuff means less debt and therefore more money. All it takes is a shift in perspective to realize that maybe that new phone, expensive jacket, or whatever it may be is just not that important. Viewing these expenditures as unnecessary can stop you from feeling like you need them in your life, and this simple shift can save you a lot of money. 

2. Less Stress
I suffer quite badly with stress and I tend to feel quite overwhelmed fairly often. I feel that having fewer possessions will mean having fewer things to worry about; I'll not only have less stuff to pay for, but I'll also have less stuff to take care of! (except my gorgeous plants) This especially applies to my wardrobe. I often see people on instagram or my fellow bloggers, and wish that I had their style, their jeans, shoes etc and actually, if I have a look in my cupboard I pretty much have those things already! I just need to de-clutter from all the crap I don't wear or even really like anymore (I'm just so bad at chucking stuff away. What if I NEED it one day. Spoiler alert: I won't) We all know how great it feels to have a clean space that is free of clutter, and the fewer things you have, the easier this is to achieve. My life will feel much calmer with less stuff in the way I feel.

3. Appreciation of Experiences over Possessions 
I want to turn to more experiences instead of purchasing goods such as adventures, concerts, and traveling. That experience will likely bring me more hours of joy as I look back on the memories, compared to that floral dress I wore twice while freaking out if I was even pulling it off. Saving for a weekend trip with friends to somewhere I've never been or just simply going out for dinner but splashing out on one more bottle of wine because the chat is flowing so well. These are things I'll hold close to me in the long run.

This is just a small example of some of the things I plan on trying first. I don't want to just completely re-vamp everything in one go, as I don't think I'll respond well and end up hating my choices. I also don't think this is going to be an easy thing to do and I don't expect to just now suddenly be a minimalist because I've said I want to. It's going to be a journey and I know full well that it won't be as simple as chucking things away and suddenly feeling zen. Ultimately though, I think it's something that might be good for me. I'll try and keep you updated along the way as I give this a go throughout 2019. I'll also do a post on where I'm at now soon to show how far I've come!
I'm hoping to be able to apply these changes to things like my diet and food etc once I've mastered the art of de-clutter, as I want to become more aware of my food waste and the things I'm buying and comsuming.

So here's to trying something new and hoping that this time next year things feel clearer, simpler and hopefully, better and healthier!