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Working from home is definitely one of those things that's truly desired by many people. The ability to be in your own environment, drink endless tea, slack about in your pj's and eat whenever you like without having to upset anyone in the office (people who bring fish based meals are the worst)

With that said, it's also really easy to lose motivation when working from home and find that productivity can drop sharply. Something about tea, biscuits and daytime tv that can keep you occupied for hours. So it's important to make sure that you keep your brain engaged and your productivity levels at their best.

One of the first things I always do when I get home from my shoots is to actually have a break. It can be easy to just slip in and out of your work and take random little snippets of time off whenever you feel yourself getting fed up. But set yourself 45 minutes to an hour to just sit, eat, drink, chill or whatever it is you want to do! Even go for a walk if you're one of those people who wake up and work from home straight away. It'll help in the long run.

Another thing I do is to try and keep my phone at arm's length away and not always in sight. There's nothing wrong with a little smartphone browsing every now and again, we're working from home after all! But try and keep yourself focused on what you're doing. There's nothing more distracting than watching your phone go off every ten minutes in the corner of your eye.
I don't have a dedicated office space as I live in a shared flat with my best mate, so I work from my bedroom at a small desk in the corner. (I used to work downstairs but that was a disaster waiting to happen. Cue endless Friends watching and Gilmore Girls) so I moved upstairs. To keep this space working for me, I make to sure to keep it clean, tidy and feeling clear. Those who know me will know that I'm a bit of a clean freak anyway, but there's something about working in a messy environment that doesn't work me. I also like to keep it flooded with natural light (when I'm not actually color editing) as it keeps me feeling much happier!

And finally, I like to write everything down on actual paper with an actual pen so I can keep my mind connected to what I'm doing and not lose track of my tasks for the day. I know plenty of people who do this but with their phones or emails, but I find that things I read or need to do can get lost so easily. So I like to have it written down in front me so I can physically tick it off. I've always found that works best for me.
 These are just a few small things that I do when working from home to keep me ticking over nicely. Of course, I also break these little rules every now and again because, well I'm human! And sometimes I'll come home, grab the biccies and I'm done for. But I try and stick to these as often as I can! 

Let me know if you'd like to hear more things like this in the future! And share your tips in the comments if you're a fellow home worker!

Something I've been asked by people a lot recently since I've started changing up my Instagram a bit is how I take photos of myself, by myself. And the answer is actually pretty easy.

The ingredients you'll need for this are a camera (DSLR, Compact System Camera, or phone. Whichever is easiest for you), a tripod, and a remote of some sort (unless using a phone)
I personally use a Sony A6000 for my Instagram lately (which is a CSC) on a tripod with my phone as the remote. I simply set everything up, check the exposure and positioning and snap away.
Now my camera does have the ability to turn my phone into a remote through wifi connectivity (which is also handy as my photos are then uploaded straight to my phone) but I know this won't be the case for everyone, as we're all working on different budgets and equipment. But the same rules apply for the most part. All cameras have a timer mode, and so many now have the ability to have a linked remote (which you can buy easily from Amazon; just search for a camera remote for your camera to see if there is one!) And tripods can be bought for relatively cheap as well. My day to day one was only £20.
iPhones also have timer modes, so find yourself a sturdy and supportive surface and go for it! And if there are people around? Well f*** em! Act confident and no one will question you.

So that's pretty much how I take my photos when I'm on my own. Of course, I occasionally get my friends to take a snap of me if we're out and about and I'm feeling it, so feel free to ask them too. 

Happy snapping all!
Ever feel like all you do is work and then when you get paid, a little part of you sinks because it all shoots straight back out because of rent and bills? Yeah, me too. I imagine it's like that for most people living in this City and it can really suck.

I don't make a bad wage really, but it doesn't exactly leave me much to play with after all my "adult purchases" have been made. You know, like keeping the roof over my head. 
There's so much I want to achieve and work towards at the moment, but I'm feeling lost as to how to get there. Sifting through places like Instagram and other people's blogs is sometimes the worst thing to do because, on the surface, it seems so many people are living their dreams and making a wonderful and happy living from it as they go!

I've always wanted to just share my work, my feelings, my lifestyle and just myself on this here blog of mine. I never started it so it would become some kind of money-making machine, and I still don't think that way about it. But the more I want to do with it, the more the same issue seems to be cropping up. Money.

I hate feeling this way but ultimately, I know I need just to need to keep working hard, keep pushing on and eventually, things will start coming together. 
It can feel pretty helpless at times like you'll never get out of your rut, which is how I'm feeling now. But I know that hard work and grafting don't go unnoticed by the universe and I just have to have faith that things will work out. 

In the meantime, I think I'm going to try and reclaim this blog a little as what it used to be. A place for me, my thoughts, my feelings, my worries and ultimately my photography!  A place to grow and find my style. I'm almost 29 and I still feel like I'm trying to find myself and my place in this world. 

I guess that's the fun bit though right? The journey!

Happy Monday everyone! And keep on pushing forward! 
We got this.

Happy Thursday lovely people! 

It's nearly the weekend and I couldn't be happier about it. Mainly because I'm currently cat sitting for a friend and I am one happy lady! 
Waking up to this beautiful little face has definitely given me a pep in my step (speak of the devil, shes just walked in as I'm typing this!) and I just love how chatty she is!

I hope everyone else is having a good week so far!