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A Birthday Escape.

So my lovely other half, Ciaran, surprised me with a weekend away to Dover at a Spa Hotel last weekend. Obviously, I was ecstatic.

I love getting away from London with him, it's by far one of my favourite things to do. The fresh air of non-London polluted areas, cute little towns and hearty local food. It's just lovely. He also bought me a shiny new camera as well (such a lucky girl) so this was a perfect opportunity to take some photos! Twas almost perfect some might say. Almost.

Alas, I was horribly, horribly sick the WHOLE weekend. I did manage to drag myself and grab some pretty good snaps though (if I do say so myself) We went to some pretty amazing locations too, one being a town called Dungeness, which I'm pretty sure is the single creepiest place I have ever been to, or will ever go to, in my life. I didn't take as many pics as I would have liked to over the course of our break really, but I still had an amazing weekend none the less!

Thanks Ciaran <3

The Sunday Edit: Spotlight on Milly

Yesterday afternoon I took to the streets of London in Chelsea, with my friend and co-worker Milly. She delightfully said yes when I asked if she would be my muse for a photo set I wanted to do here on my blog a few weeks ago. We had a lovely day out, browsed through some shops on the King's Road and had a lovely lunch in a little Cafe. It was very chilled and relaxed and just what we both needed I think!

Anyways, here are some lovely photos of the even lovelier, Milly.

Some cooler toned versions of the above images. I couldn't decide which I liked more so I put them all up!

Are any of you guys out taking photos on this gorgeous Winter sun?

ESPA Skincare: First Impressions

Recently I went to a PR/Blogger event at John Lewis Kingston (which was lovely) to see their hidden Winter Wonderland of Christmas goodies that lay secretly behind the scenes of their store. You can read that blog post here and see the photos. While we were there, chatting amongst ourselves and taking in all the festive surroundings, we were offered a hand massage and an in depth chat about the brand ESPA Skincare.

The ladies who demonstrated the products, and talked us through the brand, were incredibly lovely and knowledgeable about all things skincare and beauty. The products that were used for the hand massages smelt simply amazing and I fell in love with them pretty quickly. Luckily for us, we got given a little goody bag to go home with containing Sample sizes of some of their different products for us to try.

Two of the highlight products for me was the Replenishing Face Treatment Oil and the Hydrating Floral Spafresh Toner. These two products have actually had a visible effect on my skin since using them (and I'm not the biggest beauty/skin care buff who notices this kinda stuff if I'm being totally honest) so I was pretty impressed. My skin looks and feels fresher and has a nice glow about it. This is a welcome bonus as I am working around the clock at work right now, so need a little pick me up that doesn't involve ingesting my bodyweight in caffeine! I reckon I'll be purchasing the full size versions of these products in the near future.

I also got a few hair products too which I'm yet to try out and also their cleansers as well. I have every faith they'll be as good as the facial oil and toner.
If you'd like to try any of these products, or just go have a look see, then they are currently available at the John Lewis Kingston branch. Alternatively you can have a look on the John Lewis website here.

Happy Shopping!

An Inspired Christmas with John Lewis Kingston

So yesterday evening I got the chance to go to my first PR/Blogger event at John Lewis, Kingston and I have to say, I loved it.

I got to meet a whole host of new people, all within the blogging community which was wonderful. The PR team behind the event were very friendly and welcoming and made it a lot of fun for us all! It was lovely to be surrounded by the stunning products of John Lewis as well, in these beautifully designed rooms hidden inside the store. There was a cosy living room (and I mean cosy!) 2 bedrooms and a lovely dinning room. They had clearly worked hard on these sets and had some wonderful elements to them. It was easy to forget you were in a shop!

The evening started with some drinks and snacks (from Waitrose of course, delicious!) and then we had an introduction to the John Lewis team. After that we were taken through to another room in which we had a lovely chat with the girls from ESPA Beauty about their products and were treated to a hand massage. I felt so spoilt throughout the night, it was such a new and exciting experience for me! After the Massages we all got little goody bags from both ESPA and John Lewis which were lovely and full of some amazing things! (which I will talk about another time)

I just want to say a huge thank you ESPA Skincare and John Lewis for a lovely evening. I had wonderful time and definitely got some good ideas for the restive season!