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And so it rains..

So I was planning on going out and taking some photos over the last few days, as it's my favourite time of the year. The low sun, warming colours, that fresh and cosy feeling when starting to wrap up. It's just lovely.
But no. It rains. All the time. So I haven't really been able to go out and take any pictures (that and I'm working all hours under the sun at the moment) which has been a bit disappointing. I get the feeling working a full time job and also running this blog is going to take quite some effort on my part, especially with the weather against me on my days off! I'm up for the challenge though.
So sorry I haven't really posted anything for anyone to see. Here's hoping that the weather perks up again soon in time for me to go out and catch the lovely Autumn colours in all their glory!

So for now, have this lovely, very instagramed photo from my library (it's one of my faves) & I'll get some good stuff up soon!


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