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So Where's This Blog Going?

Okay, so I've done the hard bit. The first post. Now it's time to talk about what's going to be going on in this little internet space of mine.

The main reason for starting this blog is to share my photography work with the world. It's something that I've recently got back into and want to be able to share with anyone willing to look at it!
I don't really have a specific style of photography, I just like to snap away and when I take something I'm really proud of, I'll edit it a little on Photoshop and share it.

Every Friday I'll be posting my Photo of the Week. This'll be my favourite photo I've taken that week whether it be on my DSLR or my iPhone. I'll let you guys know where I took it and when and why it's worthy of such a title!
It's also a way to give myself a little kick up the butt each week to take some photos as it can be easy to do nothing on my days off and then be sad that I didn't go out and take some! In between those posts I'll simply be posting little bits here and there either about photography, my life or maybe just a random thought I figured would be good to share.

So my first Photo of the Week post will be tomorrow evening! So let me know what you think about it!
For now, here are a few of my favourites that I've found on my memory card when importing my library. They aren't masterpieces by any means. Just ones that make me smile :)


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