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Photos. Thoughts. Ideas. Life.

Yeah okay, so that's the tagline to my blog, but that's just what this post (and my life at the moment) is all about.

So I haven't really posted anything in a while (11 days to be precise, which when your blog is fairly new, ain't the best thing to be doing) and it all comes down to the title of this post. Especially that last word. Life. Seems my life has been getting in the way of me posting anything lately, or having the energy to even try, and I always thought that might be the case when I started this internet space of mine. Oh how right I was. Endless days of work, long hours, seeing friends (well, the people I live with) and the many other things life throws at you. It all adds up to an unproductive state.
So a few weeks ago, after a fair amount of thought and chats with friends, I made the big decision to go part time at my work place. I worked out all the hours, spoke to my manager and put in my application. Then it was approved.


I've become nervous and excited all at the same time, and since then I've been doing a lot of thinking and planning about what I'm going to do with all that spare time. For starters, I would put more of myself into this blog and really make it wonderful space for both myself and those who read it. It's not getting a lot of my attention right now which makes me sad. Secondly would be my my photography. I want to go full pelt with that, taking as many photos I can, wherever and whenever, and just the spend the time getting better.

I've also been having lots of creative thoughts and ideas too, about starting to put stuff on my newly opened Etsy store. I love to make cards and illustrative things so that's something I want to get going with. (I'll make sure to update you all about when that goes live!) I've also been doing a bit more scrapbooking and that lately too which is always good for keeping the creative side of me alive and kicking! I have also just purchased myself a shiny new MacBook Air which is incredibly exciting as I have never owned a Mac before! I have to say, I'm absolutely loving it and can't ever see myself going back. Ever. It's a much more powerful machine that enables me to edit my photos much faster and easier. Bliss.

Anyways, that's about it from me today I reckon. So sorry for the absence guys but I feel it's been somewhat unavoidable, and I hope to be posting more regularly soon! I'm aiming to make Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays my regular post days.
Lets see how well that actually works out, ey?

Lastly, have a few of my favourite snaps I've taken lately from various places. See you again soon!


A Trip to Brighton

I took an impromptu trip to Brighton with Dan not long ago and had a chance to get my camera and out and get some snaps! Here is the result! Hope you like them :)

When It's Just Too Much.

Everyone goes through times when everything just seems a bit too much and I'll bet you're one of them. Unfortunately that's me right now.

It's nearly Christmas and everything is full steam ahead with work, personal life and anything else in between. Everyday feels like a mission to get something done whether it's small or big and it can all build up so quickly. Just recently I feel like I've been buckling under the weight of my responsibilities and letting them get on top of me. I think it's important to address issues like that before they take over. I'm not exactly the perfect of example of that though I'll be honest, but I really am trying to change that for both myself and those around me.
I had a bumper year of sadness in 2013 with a lot of personal loss, heartache and tough days. Since then, I've had this horrible habit of keeping it all locked up until I explode either into tears, go silent inside my own head or start snapping at the first person to ask me if I'm okay. Not ideal and not fair on my wonderful friends. So I'm trying my best to let go (I don't know how well I'm actually doing at it) and not let it get the best of me. Those dark days are behind me and only brighter ones ahead.

But what I also learnt is that you should never forget to let yourself feel what you want to feel. If you feel sad and want to cry, then cry. If you feel angry/wound up for whatever reason, then let it out. Grab a pillow and yell into it or give it a whack. And most importantly, if someone has upset you, or you've upset them, talk about it. Don't let it eat away at you, it'll only make it worse and usually, bigger than it actually is. It's okay to feel all these things and show them, it's just knowing when to say to yourself "Okay, I've done that now. I feel better, time to move on."

And finally, I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all my of my friends who are there for me when things get too much, with a special thank you to Tom, Dan, Chloe and Jack for the late night talks, group evenings in cheering me up, buying me A LOT of takeaway and for always being just a phone call away.
My biggest thank you however, goes to Ciaran <3 A man who has so much patience, love and time for me it's crazy. He never lets me sink too low and knows when to pull me back up. I quite honestly don't know what I'd do without him. He's my Penguin & I love him with everything I have :)

Keep your chins up guys! S'gonna be okay.

The Sunday Edit #1

A selection of photos taken from here and there throughout the last couple of weeks. They make me happy.

Happy Sunday! <3

Photo of the Week #3

A photo from a shoot I did recently. I couldn't say why I love it so much, I just kept coming back to it.