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An Inspired Christmas with John Lewis Kingston

So yesterday evening I got the chance to go to my first PR/Blogger event at John Lewis, Kingston and I have to say, I loved it.

I got to meet a whole host of new people, all within the blogging community which was wonderful. The PR team behind the event were very friendly and welcoming and made it a lot of fun for us all! It was lovely to be surrounded by the stunning products of John Lewis as well, in these beautifully designed rooms hidden inside the store. There was a cosy living room (and I mean cosy!) 2 bedrooms and a lovely dinning room. They had clearly worked hard on these sets and had some wonderful elements to them. It was easy to forget you were in a shop!

The evening started with some drinks and snacks (from Waitrose of course, delicious!) and then we had an introduction to the John Lewis team. After that we were taken through to another room in which we had a lovely chat with the girls from ESPA Beauty about their products and were treated to a hand massage. I felt so spoilt throughout the night, it was such a new and exciting experience for me! After the Massages we all got little goody bags from both ESPA and John Lewis which were lovely and full of some amazing things! (which I will talk about another time)

I just want to say a huge thank you ESPA Skincare and John Lewis for a lovely evening. I had wonderful time and definitely got some good ideas for the restive season!

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