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ESPA Skincare: First Impressions

Recently I went to a PR/Blogger event at John Lewis Kingston (which was lovely) to see their hidden Winter Wonderland of Christmas goodies that lay secretly behind the scenes of their store. You can read that blog post here and see the photos. While we were there, chatting amongst ourselves and taking in all the festive surroundings, we were offered a hand massage and an in depth chat about the brand ESPA Skincare.

The ladies who demonstrated the products, and talked us through the brand, were incredibly lovely and knowledgeable about all things skincare and beauty. The products that were used for the hand massages smelt simply amazing and I fell in love with them pretty quickly. Luckily for us, we got given a little goody bag to go home with containing Sample sizes of some of their different products for us to try.

Two of the highlight products for me was the Replenishing Face Treatment Oil and the Hydrating Floral Spafresh Toner. These two products have actually had a visible effect on my skin since using them (and I'm not the biggest beauty/skin care buff who notices this kinda stuff if I'm being totally honest) so I was pretty impressed. My skin looks and feels fresher and has a nice glow about it. This is a welcome bonus as I am working around the clock at work right now, so need a little pick me up that doesn't involve ingesting my bodyweight in caffeine! I reckon I'll be purchasing the full size versions of these products in the near future.

I also got a few hair products too which I'm yet to try out and also their cleansers as well. I have every faith they'll be as good as the facial oil and toner.
If you'd like to try any of these products, or just go have a look see, then they are currently available at the John Lewis Kingston branch. Alternatively you can have a look on the John Lewis website here.

Happy Shopping!

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