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I realised when looking through some of my posts the other day, that I don't really feature myself much on this here blog of mine. I know that I mainly started this space as a place for my Photography, and anything else I want to put on here, so naturally I would be behind the camera more often than not, but it's still nice for people who read your stuff to put a face to it all!
So I thought I would take the opportunity on a "nothing-to-do-Sunday" and mess around with my camera on my new tripod and take a few snaps of myself! Plus I was having a good hair day. You know how it is.

Look at me go!

I think my eyes might be my favourite feature of my face. Is that okay? Are you allowed to have a favourite feature of yourself? Haha. Oh well, I do! I think they look nice on camera and they are always what I focus on when doing my makeup!

Happy 1st Birthday The Lens Affair!

So it's been one year exactly since I started this little Blog of mine and I cannot believe how quickly it's gone. Time has gone so quickly, it's actually a little scary.

So much has changed since I wrote the first post, some good and some bad, but it's actually quite nice to have these posts to look back on. It's like having a little diary, only you share it with hundreds of people! I'm sorry things have been so quite around here lately too, I'm aware that this is my first post in exactly a month! Things at work have really started to take off with the Christmas Scheme (for those who don't know, I work as a Visual Merchandiser for a large Department Store) and my god, is it hectic. Between 7am starts, 6pm finishes and also being unfortunate with my health, I've barely had time to breathe let alone think about writing in here or going out to do some Photography. 

Although we're still in the midst of Christmas implementation, we are going to have a bit of a lull at work over the next 5 days or so, so I'm looking forward to having a little more time to myself to chill out, relax and hopefully have something a little more interesting to put on here! (I also really need to start remembering to put my camera in my bag again! I used to be so good at that)

So Happy Birthday to me and my little Blog, it's been a mixture of fun, exciting, difficult and challenging and I look forward to another year together!

Back Home to Somerset

I've really been feeling the stresses of London the last month or so, with sleepless nights, working all hours and just feeling quite run down and out of it. So with some holiday time due, I took the opportunity to hop on a train home and visit the parents. I'm lucky enough to come from one the most beautiful places in the Country, Somerset.
So armed with my camera, I decided to take a walk around the area and soak in the clean air, stunning imagery and just chill out.

Life Lately #2 - In Photos

Just a few snaps of my life lately. I seem to be really liking the River next to my flat at the moment! Such beautiful colours when the Sun goes down..

The Sunday Edit: A walk to Barnes & Back

It's Saturday, we have the day off and the Sun is out in full force. It's time to go for a walk in our local area!

Sometimes I forget how beautiful the area I live in is, I'm lucky enough to reside next to one of the biggest commons in London, Putney & Barnes Common. With gorgeous views, masses of open land and hundreds of footpaths veering off here and there, it's a beautiful place to get lost in! Amie and I decided to take to the paths and randomly find our way to the River alongside Barnes, which really is such a beautiful and peaceful little town. You can easily forget you're in London.
We ate good food, enjoyed the Sun and snapped away all afternoon. Lovely.

 Can you spot the Grasshopper? ^

 Just taking a little rest on the floor..

 Probably one the saddest things I've seen on a playground fence.. I just wanted to take him home!

 Made it to the River at last!

 These guys were big! And kinda got scarily close to you. No fear.

 She loves me really...

 Finally home after a long walk and fully belly's. Now it's time for some Tea, Netflix and chill time.