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Hello 2015!

Photo: Tumblr - peaceandloveinmylifealways.tumblr.com
And I'm back! Admittedly that was a longer break than I was planning on taking from this blog, kinda got carried away with the whole not doing anything malarky. It was really needed.
But now I'm back on the blogging bandwagon and ready to share 2015 with you all! Gonna make a few changes on the blog too, one of them being an actual schedule for this place (and yes I know I've said that before but this time I intend to stick to it)
So this year I really plan on pushing my photography and in result of this, push my blog and all of it's content! So here's the deal:

Wednesdays will be Spotlight On: "insert person/thing." This will be a post entirely dedicated to a person, place or object I deem worthy of such a slot on my blog. I'm hoping to make them as interesting, and possibly challenging, as I can!

Fridays will be Photo/Photos of the Week. Okay, so this one supposedly started when I started my blog but I somewhat didn't keep up with it due to my work schedule. I think it was silly to try and achieve this during the busiest 3 months of my job (Christmas!) But this will get back on track!

Sundays will be the Sunday Edit. A post just for me, and you guys who read it, about anything I want. It could be photography, lifestyle or just some ideas I got going on. A little space just for me to keep you updated on what I'm up to and where!

So that's the plan guys. Hoping to make this a regular weekly thing, providing I get my butt in gear and do the work! (which I will) I'm really looking forward to this year. I've got a lot of ideas, plans and ambition to really get things off the ground. It's exciting and I can't wait to get going!

Happy New Year everyone :)

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