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Spotlight On: Me!

Hey guys,

So I figured it to be a good idea for you guys to get to know the person behind this blog. So my 1st "Spotlight On" is gonna be on myself! Normally these Spotlight posts will be sets of photos I've taken of a particular person/object or place that I've focused all my efforts on. So this one is gonna be a little different as I'll be sharing more information than normal! Here goes:

Hello. My name is Kimberley, I'm 25, live in London, eat too much chocolate and run this blog, The Lens Affair. Nice to meet you.

Pretty right? Okay not so much. Haha, I figured it good for you to see this photo though, as 90% of my photos are made of this. But here you go, have a nice one:

So this is me. Now you've put a face to the words/photos, it makes sense for you to know a little more about me. At work in our in-house magazine, we have a section called "5 Things You Didn't Know About 'insert name'" every week on a different Partner, so I'm gonna follow that one for this. Some of you may know these things about me if you know me in person, but yeah, most won't.

5 Things You Don't Know About Me (possibly):

1. I went to the University of Lincoln and studied a Ba(Hons) in Animation.

2. I live with 3 boys, Jack, Dan and Ciaran. I'll talk more about them in a moment.

3. I drink a ridiculous amount of tea and will always leave the mugs around the house with at least a third still left in it.

4. I want to be a Photographer one day. I don't know what Photographer yet, but I know I'll figure that out along the way. It's part of the excitement!

5. I've actually started 2 blogs before this, but this is the only one I've actually stuck with! Lucky you!

Got it? Good.

I feel like we're doing well here. If there's anything else you wanna know about me then Tweet me or Tumblr me (I know lots of people ask other people questions on Tumblr. Although I have no idea why you'd wanna ask me anything really but the option is there)

Now we've covered some info on myself, it's time for you to meet the housemates. I spend a lot of my down time with these guys and they'll appear in my content a lot for sure, so it makes sense for you to get a run down on who they are! (Most of you who read this will actually probably know them pretty well but I'mma talk about them anyway)

First up is the lovely Jack Howard.

Such a catch. He's one the loveliest people I know and also one of the funniest! He's doing amazing things right now and I'm sure a lot of you have spotted his little face around the internet! He's a good egg and good fun to hang out with. He also helps me out in the kitchen whenever I cook for everyone :)

Next up we have Daniel J Layton.

Dan is also another face some of you have seen on your laptop screens I'm sure. He's gonna be on movie screens one day though so keep your eyes peeled ;)
I went to University with Dan (went to Uni with Jack too but didn't know him as well then) and he fast became a very good friend of mine. He's an incredibly kind and theatrical person. He can often be heard singing around the house while baking delicious goods. Dan is the King of baking.

And last but not least is Ciaran O'Brien. The boyfriend.

So the quality of this photo isn't that great. That's because it's almost impossible to get a nice photo of Ciaran without catching him off guard (which doesn't happen often) so mad props to Hazel Hayes, who managed to snap this one least. I kindly stole it from Facebook.
Ciaran is the guy behind the camera for most UK YouTubers these days. Seen something incredibly pretty looking on Youtube? It was probably him. He also does all the Jack and Dean stuff. He's an incredibly talented man (as are all of them) and I'm so very proud of him. I like that I get wake up to his face each morning, even though he insults me most of the time.
So yeah, him, love of my life and all that crap. Makes me laugh, feel safe, feel loved and is one of my best friends.

So that's my household and I think you can pretty much guess what my home life is like. The best.
I think that about covers enough information for now, right? You'll learn more as we go along on this little blog journey I have no doubt.
Hope you enjoyed getting to know me and thanks for being interested enough to read about it!

See ya later! :)

Stolen from Jack Howards Instagram. Thanks Jack.
This is us at our Christmas pressie from Jack. We went Go Karting. I won. 

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