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The Sunday Edit: Tiredness Kills

Photo source: scoopempire.com
I am exhausted. End of.

I have been back at work for the grand total of 4 days and already I have missed my midweek post days on Wednesday and Thursday (really good at sticking to that schedule) and I'm really quite upset with myself if I'm honest. However, at the same time, I am just too tired. Obviously everyone is knackered on their first few days back on the job after a break, it's natural. You've been slobbed out for days, eating and doing nothing, then suddenly BAM! Reality comes back like a nasty slap in the face. Time to set the alarm again.

Unfortunately I know my job only too well and know that this type of tiredness is set to stay around until my next stretch of time off. My job is physically and mentally demanding with lots of hours on your feet and a million and one things to do. It's unrelenting and this makes writing for my blog difficult at times. I'm always coming up with ideas though and my notebook is filling up fast with places to visit, people to contact, things to write, yet when it comes to a spare 3-4 hours to myself I want to crawl into bed, drink a cup of tea and shut my eyes for as long as possible!
I've realised I'm making my life sound pretty shit right now but it really isn't! I actually enjoy my job and have a lot of fun when I'm there! The one thing I can take solace in is that hopefully soon I'll be cutting out some of those working hours and going part time. (as I spoke about in my previous post here)

I'm sure a lot of other bloggers will agree, tiredness can be the biggest killer of creativity, with something like a blog taking the biggest hit. I love writing here, taking pictures and sharing the things I love with you all but when I'm tired, it can sometimes be the last thing I want to do while still being the first thing I want to do. Such a nasty circle.
I know plenty of bloggers though who post regularly while working it around a full time job, kids and other responsibilities. I think I just need to get myself in to a rhythm and go from there, as it's not impossible, just hard.

I just need to either drink a lot more coffee or maybe start posting on the go! (Not a bad idea actually)


  1. Hey Kimberley! I identify with this post so much, holy crap. But I find that drafting a blog post on the go works best and maintains productivity with regards to the blog. When you're done your draft, just click Publish. I could never stick to such a rigid schedule, but I try and keep my posts to a maximum of 2/week and up to 5/month -- gotta keep the readers on the edge of their seats :) I look forward to seeing more from you!


    1. Yeah, sometimes I think I could write them when they come to me and then just publish them on the day I want them to go up! Thank you though! :)