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Pinspiration #1

These are just some things I've been looking at lately. I've never really been into Pinterest until recently and it really is a stunning place to find so much inspiration. I've become quite addicted to browsing through all the things it has to offer.
As you can see, my Pinspiration is somewhat of a mixed bag. I love all these images for so many different reasons though. They just, catch me somehow <3 I mainly look at all these images to get inspiration for my Photography. After a long while of wondering what type of Photography I really want to start producing, I think I've got quite a love affair for vintage looking images. So I reckon over the next few months (budget provided) I might start investing in some older lenses and work on my editing skills to produce the look!

Is Pinterest something you turn to for inspiration?


  1. That bike in the last pictures is my fave! I love the whole vibe - lately I've been really into these moody pictures. Lovely collection of pins!

    xo Mel || Sketch & Scribbles

    1. Thank you! They are all so stunning! X

  2. Lovely post! I always enjoy browsing through pinterest and finding new inspiring things especially for interiors. Your selection is really beautiful and well balanced. Really made me smile.