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Exploring the Old City of Nice, France

"Ladies who Segway"

Here are just a few snaps so far of the beautiful part of Nice I visited today, the Old City. This is one of the most stunning, chilled out and historically amazing places I've been to. There is so much to look at and experience with every corner you turn and I love the traditional look and feel of this part of Nice. All of the high rise buildings, the open shutters on every window, residents washing lining the skyline and of course, the sensational food from all of the local restaurants. I cannot wait to explore more and hopefully tomorrow, dip my toes in the Aqua Blue Ocean that lines the entire coast of Nice.


  1. Nice looks so gorgeous and colourful :3
    I hope you can explore as much as possible!

    1. It really is an amazing city. I've seen so much more since and I can't wait to get the photos up :)