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The Sunday Edit: A Chilled Day

As the title suggests, today has been pretty chill for me. It's the first few days into my 19 day break from work and suffice to say, I'm taking it bloody easy! So far I have drank my weight in tea, indulged in some Lemon and Pistachio cake (so delicious!) and actually sorted my bedroom out! I've been needing to do that for a long time now. I'm also washing my bedding at the moment and I cannot wit for that to be dry. There is simply nothing better than getting into a fresh set of sheets in an evening and knowing you can sleep in the next day. Total. Bliss.
I'm welcoming all of this goodness with open arms as I've had a hectic few weeks at work (Friday saw me cut my head open and give myself concussion! Good job Kim) Last week the Chelsea Flower Show hit the streets of Chelsea, and so it was go go go for the Visual Team for the Window Displays and in-store at Peter Jones! It was crazy busy but the window ended up looking absolutely beautiful and I was pretty proud to have been a part of it! However, I am now ready to enjoy my time off and do pretty much nothing!

On a slightly more exciting note, I'm off home on Tuesday to see my Dad for his Birthday and then I'm off to France on Saturday with my friend Chris for a short break away! I'm so excited as I never really been to France before and I've heard it's one of the most beautiful places to be.  I'm very much looking forward to strolling down the Riviera, eating French pastries and drinking a lot of wine. Mmm, it's gonna be good. It's also a chance to whack out the red lippy and laid back clothing approach. Sometimes I wish I could channel the French looks more easily, it's so understated and beautiful.

As for the rest of today though, I'm simply going to wait for my washing to be done, search for things to do in France (I'm going to the South of France to Nice - realised I didn't mention that!), watch some television and relax. Yep, I'm liking today.

Happy Sunday everyone! <3

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