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Phone Snaps #1 - Walking Through Chelsea

Sometimes you can get some really lovely photos just by snapping away on your phone! I decided to just point and shoot on my walk home from work today and caught a couple of gems.
Okay so they aren't as good as ones from a proper camera but I thought they were quite pretty for "half blinded by the sun snaps!"

Just goes to show what nice little things you can pick up on your phone while walking around! Hope you like them!

The Sunday Edit: On The Mend. Slowly.

Image Source: tattypuss.com

So as those of you who read this Blog regularly will know, I've been going through a difficult few months since the beginning of the year. Sadly my relationship with my Boyfriend came to end and since then I've been, well pretty sad. It's really knocked me about and shaken me up.
A lot has changed over the last 4 months though. I've started a new role in the Company I work for, I've found myself a new place to live with my two good friends, and previous co-workers, Amie and Milly and I'm keeping myself busy with friends, travel and watching Netflix. (I think I might be addicted to Netflix..)

As the titles suggests though, it has been a slow process. I do still find myself feeling periods of total sadness, I do still shed a tear or two and my feelings can still somewhat weigh me down. When you've had a few relationships, or if you've been through a certain amount of bad times and experienced some shit (excuse the language) then a lot of the time when something similar happens again, you think you've got it covered. Ergh, totally not true. This one's a toughie and I'm really fighting to keep myself above water still.

Oh well. What's life without a real piece of heartbreak ey? I don't know how I'll feel in 4 weeks or even another 4 months, all I can hope is that I keep going in the direction I appear to be crawling in. Forward! And the good news is that my Blog is getting all of the love recently too. I've been more positive about wanting to post again which has been a really good feeling, I was wondering when that was gonna come back! I've got a fair few posts lined up too so I'm feeling good about the future of it as well. Let's hope this stays put!

But now I'm going to get back to editing the rest of my Holiday photos, watch House and wait for Sainsbury's to open so I can go and get some fruit and Crème Fraîche for the Pancakes I'm planning on making later. Yummm.

The French Riviera by Day

Everything about this City was stunning. There was so much to see and do, from the beautiful aqua blue ocean to the monuments, statues, cafés and restaurants, markets and water features. I almost wish I'd had another month there to discover everything this City had to offer and I would go back in a heartbeat. I can only hope these photos do it justice and may inspire some of you to visit. <3