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An Evening with Manfrotto and 15% Discount!

Last Thursday I attended an event at the Sanderson Hotel in London. It was hosted in a beautiful hotel room on the 7th floor, with lots of different set up's all over the place demonstrating different Photography techniques for blogging!
Unfortunately due to working, I wasn't able to make the entire event and pretty much missed everyone else who had been there (bit of a shame) but it was actually kinda nice to, as I had all the Monfrotto guys all to myself to talk about all the kit!

They made everything look so appealing and the design of the whole place was stunning. I was really impressed with the visuals of it all. But I guess that's the point of it all after all!

Each room had it's own thing going on and it was interesting to see the different ways each set up had been done. Definitely helped with some inspiration on how to take photos in the future!

One of the things that stood out to me most though was the Digital Director. It was an incredible device that allowed you to have full control of all your camera functions through an electronic device that is connected to your iPad. Using a USB cable up to 10 meters (33 ft), you have a totally reliable, high-performance connection between your Canon or Nikon DSLR and iPad that’s always stable. Digital Director also enables you to place the camera even in the most awkward or difficult to reach positions and conveniently control it remotely.

It does only work with Canon and Nikon cameras at the moment, but like everything, that could change over time!

 The Digital Director in Action!

All in all I had a lovely time at the event and gained some valuable information and tips about the products Manfrotto have to offer and ways in which they can help strengthen my photography skills.

They've also kindly allowed me to give you guys 15% off on any of their products on their website over £20! Visit www.monfrotto.co.uk to start getting some ideas and get some great savings! Use the code: MAN593. The offer expires on the 31st August so get looking!
I personally recommend having a look at the Pixi Tripods. They are adorable and exceptionally sturdy too! Great fort travelling with too!