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The Sunday Edit: Made in Chelsea

I've been thinking about doing a photo series of different places around London lately and these are just a few I took on my walk home the other day, and are what inspired me to do it. I've decided to just have my camera with me EVERYWHERE from now on also, so I can snap away at any point. I feel I'm always wishing I had it on me so now, I always will!
So these are some I took in Chelsea. This place is such a mixed bag that I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do a more in depth photo series later on. I love the ix of people and also the surroundings. It's incredibly fascinating to be surrounded by the very rich inhabitants of London.


  1. There's something so classic about b&w photos. These candid shots look amazing!!

    Thanks for sharing xxx


    1. Thank you! Yeah I love B&W as well :)