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The Sunday Edit: Braving Central London

Central London can be a stressful place. Lots of people, everywhere full and hardly any room to breathe. Sounds like some people's own personal hell. However, if you can break away from that and browse the backstreets, or smaller areas of Central, you can find some really lovely things.
So my friend Krystal and I decided to walk all over London (very much hurting our feet in the process) and just have a wonder, do some shopping and eat lots of food!

 3pm Cocktails. As you do. Also they were seriously delicious! I had the Peanut Butter Martini and it was like drinking a dessert!

Some seriously tasty food too!

 Everyone has to visit the 3 story Lush on Oxford Street! IT has EVERYTHING. It took everything I had not to spend my entire bank balance.

A nice end to the evening with some fruity drinks from Starbucks away form the crowds. IT was so hard to actually get up and go home after this. We were exhausted!


  1. Central London seems like a place that would scare the hell out of me, but I always see such nice pictures and obviously it must be pretty cool or people wouldn't be there all the time haha! Your pictures are really lovely, great post :)

    Emily | One Stormy Sunday

    1. Yeah it is a really fun place. As long as you hame some easily accessible escape routes! Haha.