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The Sunday Edit: A walk to Barnes & Back

It's Saturday, we have the day off and the Sun is out in full force. It's time to go for a walk in our local area!

Sometimes I forget how beautiful the area I live in is, I'm lucky enough to reside next to one of the biggest commons in London, Putney & Barnes Common. With gorgeous views, masses of open land and hundreds of footpaths veering off here and there, it's a beautiful place to get lost in! Amie and I decided to take to the paths and randomly find our way to the River alongside Barnes, which really is such a beautiful and peaceful little town. You can easily forget you're in London.
We ate good food, enjoyed the Sun and snapped away all afternoon. Lovely.

 Can you spot the Grasshopper? ^

 Just taking a little rest on the floor..

 Probably one the saddest things I've seen on a playground fence.. I just wanted to take him home!

 Made it to the River at last!

 These guys were big! And kinda got scarily close to you. No fear.

 She loves me really...

 Finally home after a long walk and fully belly's. Now it's time for some Tea, Netflix and chill time.

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