Southern Region, Iceland

Arriving in Iceland

Monday, 19 February 2018
You wanna know something we didn't expect when arriving in Iceland? The sheer volume of snow that had fallen and was about to fall.

That didn't stop us from having the time of our loves though...

Messing around at sunset on the second morning in Reykjavik (It was the best light of the entire day) We had a lot of fun with this light, it was just beautiful to look at. This was also the same morning we got snowed in! (We soon changed our car to a 4X4. Best decision we made the whole trip)

We knew it was Winter when going, and had looked up the weather would be like, but no one expected to arrive in the midst of one of the worst Winters the country had seen in almost a Century. Throughout our trip, we battled through blizzards, exceptional high winds, hail, being snowed in and just about every other weather condition you can think of. Did this ruin the trip though? You bet your ass it didn't. We had the best time ever.

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