So I went to LA..

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Just casually strolling down Rodeo Drive, pretending I belong...

So at the beginning of the month, I flew all the way to LA to visit my lovely American Friend Laney! I had the most wonderful time with her and definitely enjoyed the well-deserved sunshine on my winter deprived skin!
I was planning on doing a lot more photography while I was there but in all honesty, I was just having too much fun! I was chilled, enjoying my time with my friend and kind of forgot all about the camera sitting at the bottom of my bag (I know, what kind of Photographer am I?)
When you do it as your day job though, sometimes it's just nice to put the camera down!

Anyway, I had my phone with me and that of course, got battered to death with photos as it was quick and easy. So here are some snippets of my trip!

Just look at her gorgeous face! 

Such a fun time was had and I miss her so much already!

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