Went quiet again, didn't I?

Photo Credit: Dan Bailey, danbailey.net

Sometimes I don't think I'll ever quite get the hang of this blog here thing of mine.
I'm always thinking about it, how I want to improve it, add to it etc, but I never seem to just sit down and do it.

I'll be honest with you, I'm running out of reasons as to why this is. I think I like the ideas I have, love the photos I take, enjoy the places I travel to but somehow find myself in a bit of a rut as to how to really make this a smooth running operation.
Mad respect to all my fellow bloggers out there who are doing this too, and mad respect to those who have their s**t together and are making stunning content they care about, love and are proud of. You seriously are all rockstars.

With that said, I have a lot to catch up on with this little space of mine. As I sit here (at the bar of a Gin distillery, with a G&T next to me) I have two trips to talk about and share with you guys soon, and two or three more upcoming ones as well. I have the content, I have the ideas and the desire to get it all up. Just gotta get my ass into gear and sit down and do what I enjoy. Post content!

So here goes again people, my attempt to stop being so lazy (although that's the last thing I think I'd describe myself as actually. I work damn hard and try to party hard with it!) and actually get things going on the regular. 

So happy Tuesday everyone, hope all your weeks are starting off as good as they can be!

"Failure is not fail, it is a chance to start again with the knowledge gained from what went before"

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