White Lace and Tea Drinking

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Those who know me best will know that I am a serious and avid tea drinker 
(And those who really know me best, will know that I rarely actually finish a cup of tea..)
Anyway! I am all about tea, and that goes for all teas! Fruity teas, green teas, sour teas (yes, they really are a thing) and of course, a good ol' one milk, one sugar Yorkshire style cup of tea.

If like me, you like to try new teas, experiment with different tastes and discover new brands, then the wonderful people at Tea Tourist may just have the subscription box for you!

They partner up with small, independent tea companies from all around the world, which they portion up into these perfect sized little sample packs, and deliver them straight to your door! You can either build your own or simply select the box on offer. It's a lovely way to support small tea business and ultimately, discover some new flavors and favorites!

I love that they give you little cards at the back which let you add comments about the tea so you know what you thought of it and can compare to others you try!

It's also a super nice touch that each little pouch of tea comes with a card which gives you a little info about the tea your drinking! As you can see, this little subscription box really is for the major tea lover.

I can't recommend this little box enough, I've really fallen in love with the idea of it and just the whole product itself. I hope you give it a go because I honestly think that if you love tea as much as me, you're really going to enjoy this wonderful box of tastiness!

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