How I take my Instagram and Blog Photos by myself.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Something I've been asked by people a lot recently since I've started changing up my Instagram a bit is how I take photos of myself, by myself. And the answer is actually pretty easy.

The ingredients you'll need for this are a camera (DSLR, Compact System Camera, or phone. Whichever is easiest for you), a tripod, and a remote of some sort (unless using a phone)
I personally use a Sony A6000 for my Instagram lately (which is a CSC) on a tripod with my phone as the remote. I simply set everything up, check the exposure and positioning and snap away.
Now my camera does have the ability to turn my phone into a remote through wifi connectivity (which is also handy as my photos are then uploaded straight to my phone) but I know this won't be the case for everyone, as we're all working on different budgets and equipment. But the same rules apply for the most part. All cameras have a timer mode, and so many now have the ability to have a linked remote (which you can buy easily from Amazon; just search for a camera remote for your camera to see if there is one!) And tripods can be bought for relatively cheap as well. My day to day one was only £20.
iPhones also have timer modes, so find yourself a sturdy and supportive surface and go for it! And if there are people around? Well f*** em! Act confident and no one will question you.

So that's pretty much how I take my photos when I'm on my own. Of course, I occasionally get my friends to take a snap of me if we're out and about and I'm feeling it, so feel free to ask them too. 

Happy snapping all!


  1. I was inspired to try this as I have a Sony A6000 lying around (only really take photos on holiday). I'm so happy with how it turned out!

    1. That's so amazing to hear! I'm glad you're happy with the results! It really is a powerhouse of a little camera! :)

    2. I love it :) Here's one of the photos after editing... Would love any comments/advice as I don't know much about photography or editing!

    3. That's a really good photo actually, really nice colours as well. I can see with the editing that you definitely got the basics down, which is great! It's now all about finding your style and colour palette and what gets you excited! Honestly a great snap though!


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