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Hello, my name is Kim.

I exist as a small, London based lady of this world working as a Property Photographer, living with 2 lovely girls and who has a firm love of Photography & all things Lifestyle.
Life's not bad.
I started this blog as a way of getting my Photography work somewhere other than the memory card in my camera, and my general thoughts, ideas and passions out of my head as there is limited space in there at the best of times! This can include fashion, beauty, and general lifestyle.

So here's hoping something magical and exciting comes from this little venture of mine. I've always been a creative soul so I'm hoping to be able to share that with you all through on here. So I hope you'll join me along the way and share it all with me!

Photos and Content: All photos and content are that of my own unless otherwise stated. Any use of the content on this site without the publishers permission, is copyright and will be treated as such. If there is any content you wish to use from this site then please on contact me, and I will be happy to discuss this.